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Once upon a time in the beautiful town of Segovia , Spain there was this handsome  , very talented ,  gifted artist\musician  who with a wave of his hand , mouse and guitar pick could (oops wrong story ).

   Actually this story takes place in Syracuse , NY , and the artist is not so handsome , gifted , or talented , as a matter of  fact , he is just an ordinary guy who just happens to be mildly deranged , and with the invention of the internet , now everybody knows it . John Tonkin was born sometime long ago in the 1950's . At the age of 12  he decided he was going to be a rock star, so he bought an acoustical guitar for 25 cents at a garage sale  and the rest is history ( he was history ). Not being very good at music , John decided to try another avenue of the arts ; pen and ink , but the pen ran out of ink . So, on to another medium.  Magic Markers (not much magic there) , oils and acrylics ,  a brush with death.

   The years passed as John tried several other genres, but  every road he traveled turned into a dead end. Exhausting just about every medium out there , John decided to try some 3D computer software , and lo and behold , 38 years later  he may have found his niche .

   John is self-taught in all of the mediums mentioned above and although he makes light of his abilities , he is quite proficient in all .

 Marital status : HM (happily married)

Children : 1 (boy , Prolific)

Pets : 1 cat : junior birdman

t o n k i n a r t . c o m

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