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5.29.15 There is now a new photo manipulation gallery with 10 new photos for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy responsibly

5.6.13: Just found out today, that someone has used my "a few screws loose" image, copyright 2005 in a terrible point and click game called "Death Trap" .

5.14.12: Boy, I guess I'm not very good at this blogging thing, since been over 3 years since my last entry. but here I am , letting you know there are a few new pictures posted in the humor, scapes, and miscellenea galleries

5.8.9: Okay here's the news I was going to tell you all about in April, but forgot. Damn it's hell getting old. Well now, what was I talking about. Oh yeah , the April news. There are these alt-country rockers from southern California called "Tornado Magnets" that have just released a CD entitled "Double Wide". You should check these guys out, and while your at it check out the artwork. Oh, and by the way, I'm on vacation again. The ocean, the mountains, and the caves. Be back soon.

.1.5.9: I'm back! Yeah right, I wish my vacation was that long. Well anyway, I have uploaded three new images in the scapes gallery and an older CD from 2003 in the music gallery that I hope everyone will enjoy. I've gotten wind of some news that I can share with you all around mid- April.  Blog you then. Bye-bye !

7.9.8: On vacation, Montana

5.15.8: Okay, so maybe I lied about that seeing you next month thing. Sorry!! Well anyways, back in the beginning of April, I entered a poster contest. Unfortunately, I did not win. But as a consolation, my poster, and I'm sure several others, if not all, were chosen  to be shown in the first annual Syracuse Jazz Fest Poster Show and Exhibit at Onondaga Community College in the Atrium of the Whitney Applied Technology Building from 6.24.8 thru 6.28.8. The poster that was submitted was a variation of my "blue note shuffle" image, with the song title on the sheet music changed from "blue note shuffle" to "one cool cat" (fatboys blues) in memory of my very cool cat, "the fatboy", who  decided after 20 years, it was time. Happy trails buddy.

5.8.8: Gosh, I'm not very good at this blogging thing, now am I. A whole month and nothing. Well, I don't think anybody reads these things anyway. Well, if anybody does, I am "Artist Of The Month" at 3dcommune for the month of May, 2008, at the Bryce Nook. You can read the interview at  3dcommune . I also got a cool award for this honor, which you can view on my awards page. See you next month?

4.1.8: Wow! my first blog entry, and on April fool's day. Well this is no joke, Krista from has invited me to be  "Artist Of The Month", for the month of April, 2008. To view the interview just click on the following link and voila, you are there . 3d valley


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